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Thursday, September 22, 2016

UBA Customer Service Sucks

So I walk into a UBA (United Bank for Africa) branch in Benin to perform a transfer and the Funds Transfer officer orders me to go use the ATM to perform the transfer. I tell him I would rather just fill out the funds transfer form for the transfer but he sternly insists I should go use the ATM. Of course an argument ensues between me and the funds transfer officer. I insist I am within my rights to choose whether to use the ATM or to perform my transfer through any other electronic means. The guy stares at me with a resigned look of anger and tells me to go that he will perform the transfer later. Clearly he saw my transaction as an unnecessary burden on him. I wondered why the bank employed him if not to perform funds transfers.

I have been banking with UBA for a while now and it shocks me that every time I walk into a UBA branch I almost always meet a large crowd at the branch which in my opinion is a blatant show of poor service. I should have known the service would be poor as the relationship officer who opened my account showed a total lack of concern during the account opening process. I had to make series of calls after filling the account opening forms before the account was opened.

It is appalling that a customer will have to spend a long time at the branch to get things done. More shocking is the poor customer service attitude of the service personnel’s. Service personnel’s have absolutely no right to be rude to a customer whatsoever. It also appears the few UBA staffs available at the branches are overwhelmed by the large number of customers they have to serve (being a retail banking institution).

Bottom line, my experience using UBA as a bank says only one thing: UBA’s Customer Service Sucks.